Season 4 Finale: The Science of Serendipity

Christian’s findings about the way serendipity- his preferred nomenclature for the kind of coincidental good luck that drives our lives forward in powerful ways- are valuable whether you consider yourself “lucky” or not. It’s glib to say that “luck is what you make it,” but it is accurate to say that what we tend to […]

A Road Map For The Modern Nonlinear Life

Contrary to the cultural wisdom of the past centuries, modern life never follows a rigid, predictable trajectory; the transitions and “lifequakes” Bruce discusses in his book do not happen at our convenience. What’s more, Bruce’s exhaustive analysis of the hundreds of life stories contained within “Life Is The Story You Tell Yourself” revealed that almost […]

Less Is More: The Power of Essentialism

Essentialism is, simply put, only living for what matters. Greg McKeown, author of the global bestseller “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,” discusses the choice of essentialism vs. non-essentialism in the age of FOMO, and how to prioritize our time and energy. Later in the show, Patrick reflects on conversation with a friend that unexpectedly […]