Venture Capitalist

​Coiner of the Terms FOMO* & FOBO**

Host of the Hit Podcast, FOMO Sapiens

Author of the bestselling book, The 10% Entrepreneur (Penguin Portfolio)

Keynote Speaker

*FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

**FOBO: Fear Of Better Option

Today, FOMO is an epidemic, and it’s changing us so much that it feels like we’re evolving into a new species, FOMO Sapiens. But FOMO doesn’t have to take over your life.

You can find the power to choose what you actually want in business and life, and the courage to miss out on the rest.

I’ll show you how!

Innovate, Inspire and Engage

As a seasoned business speaker, I have the tools and insights to inspire and empower your employees to unleash their entrepreneurial talents and ditch corporate FOMO for the benefit of your company.

• Are you struggling to find new ways to engage and inspire your team?

• Is your company in need of an innovation overhaul?

• Are your team’s choices based on following other company’s trends?

• Or worse, are you avoiding crucial decisions, hoping that a better pick is just around the corner?

Why work with me?

Adventure capitalist; author of the best selling book, The 10% Entrepreneur; Creator of the terms FOMO and FOBO host of the FOMO Sapiens podcast; and keynote speaker.

I’ve seen the effects of FOMO and FOBO on companies large and small, local and global. I’ve also seen how they have affected my own decisions, both professional and personal. 

I believe everyone can be more productive, more innovative, and happier when they learn how to banish the toxic influence of the FOs – and live decisively and without regret.

I’ve been privileged to share this message with corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, government, and non-profit audiences in over 15 countries on 5 continents.

FOMO & FOBO in the Media

The New York Times

"Mr. McGinnis coined the term F.O.B.O. — along with its undoubtedly more ubiquitous cousin, F.O.M.O., the Fear of Missing Out — in 2003 when he was a student at Harvard Business School"

“McGinnis actually developed FOMO for the context of business decision-making.”

“McGinnis actually developed FOMO for the context of business decision-making.

Wellness Magazine

"Patrick McGinnis who coined the term when he was a student at Harvard Business School in 2004"

Business Insider

“ ...FOBO, a phrase McGinnis coined to describe a type of mental paralysis that can happen when making a decision.

Cosmopolitan France

“...We owe it (FOBO) to Patrick McGinnis, a student at the time...”

Boston Magazine

"McGinnis had witnessed the future…"

Entrepreneur Magazine

"FOMO .... officially became a thing way back in 2004 when Patrick McGinnis wrote about it in The Harbus..."

Awesome Places Where I’ve Given Talks

Dynamic, Inspiring Keynotes

• How FOMO and FOBO are stalling your career, your firm, and your life – and how to beat them

• How to harness FOMO to create stronger messaging, motivate great work, and inspire intrapreneurship.

• Actionable techniques to create a better decision-making process at the individual AND team level

• How to stop corporate FOMO and FOBO to act decisively

• Why everyone must learn to think like an entrepreneur to diversify their career and build new skills


• How to take ownership of your entrepreneurial education for the benefit of your employer


• How companies can employ the 10% mindset to drive Innovation, build an entrepreneurial culture, and retain the best employees

Or, we can build your own presentation or workshop together!
 We’ll tailor the experience to meet your audience’s unique challenges and pain points

Talks & Workshops That Translate Into Action:

Key Takeaways

• Face your FO’s: understand how FOMO and FOBO drive your decisions and learn to choose while actually want while having the courage to miss out on the rest


• Decisive: banishing FOMO, beating FOBO, and leading with conviction


• #GenerationFOMO: how to unleash the entrepreneurial power to benefit their employers and their Careers


• Live your Startup dream without quitting your day job


• Empower every employee to build an entrepreneurial culture


• Adventure Capitalism: innovating at the frontier


• The 10% Enterprise: how companies can think like 10% Entrepreneurs


Googlers are a great crowd of enthusiastic, engaged, and curious people – but they let no one off easy as they’re really bright and ask the tough questions! Patrick did an amazing job educating our NYC office on the ins and outs of 10% entrepreneurship and we were really thankful to have him here.

Stacey Sasaki, Google New York


Patrick’s has spoken at programs organized by our Embassy in Morocco. His insights with respect to global entrepreneurship are not only highly relevant, but he delivers them with great impact – he’s an exciting and engaging speaker.

Mike Dancell, US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco

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