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Recommended Websites on Entrepreneurship and Investing

I’ve gathered some of my favorite websites with great information on entrepreneurship and investing.

Fred Wilson’s AVC

In Fred Wilson’s 30+ years as a VC, he has invested in companies such as Twitter, Zynga, Tumblr, Meetup, Zynga, Etsy, Geocities, and countless other startups. His blog combines the experience of someone who has been around the block with the fresh perspective of someone who is continuously learning.

David Teten

David Teten is an active angel investor and a Partner with ff Venture Capital, which is one of the best performing seed and early-stage venture capital firms in the United States. His blog provides a consistent stream of high-level industry insights combined with practical advice for investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs.

Angel Capital Association

The ACA unites over 13,000 angels along with over 200 angel groups. The site provides data, research, practical advice, and a directory of angel groups and platforms. It’s worth noting that similar organizations exist in many markets across the globe, including the UK Business Angels Association and the World Business Angels Association.

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