Returns on Investment: Andy Kuper and the Value of Moral Capitalism

Corporations, especially capital investors, have a bad rap these days. Seen as soulless profit engines putting greed above all else, they're part of a growing suspicion towards capitalism in general. After all, how can you expect an organization whose sole purpose is to generate profits to put anything above their own financial gain?

Dr. Andy Kuper begs to differ. As the founder and CEO of LeapFrog Investments, he's led the charge of a new breed of corporation, joined by such giants as Apple and Novartis, who are revising their mission statements to make sure that profitable activities benefit all stakeholders. LeapFrog uses investment capital from wealthy markets to offer low-cost growth opportunity for businesses of every shape and size in developing economies, such as bringing safe, effective medicine to pharmacies and spurring entrepreneurial growth around the world.

Andy's philosophy of "profit with purpose" puts the businesses- and people- in emerging markets in the driver's seat, giving them the resources to drive their economies through their own success. With outsized profits and incredible growth, it's clear that Socrates was right: it's rational to be moral.

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