Where Are You Really Missing Out On?

We live in a time of seemingly unlimited options and opportunities – and it’s impossible to choose them all. Deciding what’s best, whether you’re dealing with life’s major decisions or its minor details, can be daunting. So, how can you find the power to choose what you actually want and the courage to miss out on the rest? Patrick J. McGinnis has been studying FOMO since he created the term nearly two decades ago and in his new book FEAR OF MISSING OUT, he has developed a fresh approach to decision-making that will show you how to overcome indecision.

As the creator of the term FOMO, Patrick J. McGinnis is uniquely positioned to lead the fight against this very modern affliction. In his powerful new book, McGinnis shows us how to take back control of the way we live and work. It is a must-read for all of us who want to escape the anxiety of indecision, live with more intention and thrive.
— Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global
Timely, practical and insightful... In Fear of a Missing Out, McGinnis addresses one of the greatest barriers to happiness, and chronicles how FOMO can hijack your personal and professional lives. Then he shows you how to live on your own terms instead of letting life happen to you.
—Shawn Achor, happiness researcher and NYTimes bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage
Whether it’s life’s trivial details or its major crossroads, decision making can be stressful and all-consuming. In this timely and essential book, Patrick J. McGinnis shows you why it doesn’t have to be that way.
Kerry Kennedy, President of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and New York Times bestselling author
Fear of Missing Out is an indispensable handbook for anyone who wants to spend each day actually living their life instead of wasting precious time on indecision. Patrick is both generous and genuine, which is a rare gift in this world.
-Cathy Heller, Creator and Host of the hit podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job
Whether you’re managing a Fortune 500 company, an entrepreneurial venture, or your day to day life, you will need to be resolute if you’re going to succeed. This book provides easy to use yet powerful strategies to push past indecision and focus on what matters.
-Dorie Clark - executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business, and author of Entrepreneurial You and Reinventing You"

The FOMO Sapiens Podcast

HBR Presents FOMO Sapiens, the hit podcast with over 2 million downloads

How To Make Faster Decisions

The hit TED Talk with over 700,000 views

The FOMO Sapiens Podcast

HBR Presents FOMO Sapiens, the hit podcast with over 2 million downloads

How To Make Faster Decisions

The hit TED Talk with over 700,000 views

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