What Type of 10% Entrepreneur Are You?


In The 10% Entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to invest just 10% of your time and, if possible, 10% of your capital, to become an entrepreneur. You’ll do so without ever leaving your day job or losing a steady paycheck.


Before you get started, it’s critical to determine which form of 10% Entrepreneurship best fits your resources, skills, and interests. By completing this initial assessment, you will channel your efforts as effectively as possible, and avoid investing valuable time, energy, and even money, in the wrong types of ventures. You’ll also choose a level of engagement that’s best tailored to you – and dramatically increase the odds that your endeavors are both fun and profitable.


After completing this assessment, you will receive a preview of the results which will reveal which of the five kinds 10% Entrepreneur, listed below, is the best match for you.


  • Angel: A person who invests capital in entrepreneurial ventures in exchange for equity.
  • Advisor: A person who provides expertise, in the form of advice, connections, or specific skills, to entrepreneurial ventures in exchange for remuneration in the form of equity.
  • Founder: A 10% Entrepreneur who starts and manages his own company.
  • Aficionado: A 10% Entrepreneur who integrates entrepreneurship into his life in order to pursue a passion or an interest.
  • Emprendedor 110%: A full-time entrepreneur who also acts as a 10% Entrepreneur at the same time.


You will also receive an email with the full results for your records. As always, rest assured, your results will remain strictly confidential.

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How much money do you have to invest?


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What level of financial risk are you willing to take?


Are you open to trading your skills in exchange for sweat equity (free shares) in a company


Do you prefer to lead or do you prefer to advise or work with a partner?


Do you like to focus on one project or do you prefer variety?


 Are you currently a full-time entrepreneur?


What drives you most: pursuing dynamic business ideas or exploring personal passsions?


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