Tim Herrera: The Other FO You Need to Know: FOBO – Fear of a Better Option

NY Times Smarter Living writer Tim Herrera talks about how FOMO and FOBO affect us differently at different stages of our lives. While most of us outgrow much of our FOMO as we become older and more established in our lives, FOBO often seems to increase- probably because our time becomes more limited, we become more concerned with making the most of our limited lifetime, and as we become further along in our careers, even more options open up to us- for better or worse.Current research shows that FOMO is closely tied to feelings of loneliness. As career-oriented millennials delay having children, they push the decision further and further into a FOBO-inducing nightmare. What's worse, FOMO may be preventing many from saving enough for retirement.The ways to tackle the FOs are many, but their foundation? Know yourself, and know what you value. Succeed at that, and you’ll have the power to leave the rest behind.

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