Clutch Resources for 10% Entrepreneurs: Deal Terms

Clutch Resources for 10% Entrepreneurs: Deal Terms

When you’re a 10% Entrepreneur, you know that it’s your responsibility to take charge of your own education.  That means spending time building knowledge in the areas that will be critical to your success as a 10% entrepreneur.

When I first started in the venture capital industry, I found term sheets, and the structures of deals in general, to be very confusing.  Then one day some guardian angel – get it 🙂 ? – left a copy of a Harvard Business School teaching note on my desk at work.

There are a number of these kinds of notes published by HBS that you can use to augment your knowledge with respect to how venture capitalists and early stage companies structure investment founds.  Many of them are written by Professor William Sahlman, who is a titan in the study of entrepreneurial finance and venture capital.

Among my favorite notes are: (i) The Basic Venture Capital Formula and (ii) Note on Financial Contracting: “Deals.” These resources, in combination with a myriad of other resources you can find on the web, can help you to ask the right questions and negotiate a deal that makes sense for you.

I have also added these pages to the Resources tab of this site.  Happy Reading!

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